Aurora Privé
Capri, Napoli

Aurora Privé

The “Aurora” in Capri is undoubtedly recognisable by its multi-generational history; in equal measure, the restaurant’s vitality derives from its ability to adapt to innovation without losing its identity.

The most recently created space is intended to combine two new “features”, in keeping with the high-end profile of Aurora’s tradition: a cocktail bar, in the very restaurant credited with having brought Great Italian Wine to the island of Capri. And secondly, an even more difficult task: to open a boutique where finely crafted glasses and plates are sold, while ensuring that the new commercial dimension does not affect the sophisticated atmosphere of the restaurant in any way.

The walls, all illuminated, are structured as a composition of squares and rectangles made variable by the sliding elements that enable the compartments to be opened up. Chromatic shades, juxtaposed and blending in spite of their difference, play up the refined chiaroscuro of the walls: the gold and bronze, randomly alternated to emphasise the geometries, subtly filtered and suffused by a thin ochre-coloured net, soften and blend the strong geometry of the compartments. Sculpture walls that combine, as if in an abstract composition, the objects contained in them or displayed for sale.


Serena Eller Vanicher