Heres Offices
Terranova Bracciolini, Arezzo

Heres Offices

Heres is one of the top distributors of fine-quality wines in Italy, including legendary labels such as  Paul Roger and Ludovico Antinori. In Terranuova Bracciolini, we have redeveloped an industrial warehouse to create an entirely new space, ready to welcome large numbers of customers and staff. Much of the floor area of the management offices is occupied by temperature-controlled warehouses for storing wine, joined by the executives’ rooms, arranged around a spacious wine tasting room.

The front window of the warehouse has been turned into a completely transparent space for wine tasting. The inside walls are in steel and glass, containing within them crystal glasses or bottles with a texture that is a celebration of the rite of tasting fine wines.

MdAA’s work focused on creating a relationship between the company’s corporate colours and the various layers with the accent on transparency (windows, grilles, walls of glasses) and featuring abstract motifs created by the outlines of the bottles and glasses. All the furniture, from the large desk at the entrance to the sliding table along the wall in the CEO’s office, have been designed by MdAA.


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Francesca Sani